Yesterday, I had an F26 box die due to drive failure. I replaced the drive, installed F26, completely patched it and then restored the user data from backup.

This box always runs via WiFi. Now, suddenly, rsyncd wants to start before there's a WiFi NIC available and therefore fails during boot. The nightly backup for this box relies on rsync and that's how I noticed an issue with rsyncd. The journal clearly shows rsync starting and failing before there's a WiFi connection. Once the boot process allows for a root login, I can systemctl start rsyncd successfully.

I want to know what changed to cause this, as this box has been running F26 for months with rsyncd apparently loading successfully during boot because I never had a backup issue before.

What provides the sequence of loading instructions to tell rsyncd to wait for NIC(s) to finish becoming available before attempting to use one?