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    Robot Avatars

    There are all sorts of uses for something like this.
    There are some nice benign ideas as mentioned in the article:
    Strap into a suit and help your elderly parents with yard work or taking a dog for a walk. Alternatively, pitch in with disaster relief thousands of kilometres away.
    I imagine they will be quite popular with emergency services as a way of keeping people out of dangerous situations.
    The armed forces will want them for the same reason.
    They will be useful in space - much easier than getting into a space suit. Also for working on the moon's surface before a habitat for humans is built.

    The robots don't have to be human scale. Large ones for heavy work, or small ones for working in small places, like pipes and ducts.
    I can also imagine a range of toys using this technology (in cut down form). Kids could see the world from the perspective of their toys.

    And, like all technology, there is a dark side.
    Any job requiring a physical activity can then be operated remotely. It would almost as easy to operate them from Mumbai as from New York. Potentially anyone could work anywhere. How that plays out in the economy will be "interesting".

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    Re: Robot Avatars

    Yea, and I also see someone using them to rob a bank, or off a world leader or some such. Not saying the technology is bad, but it WILL be used for bad purposes once in use, and the largest abuser of the technology will probably be the govt.
    Why is it that all of the instruments seeking intelligent life in the universe are pointed away from Earth?

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