Hi. very good news ! QPDF, a very powerful PDF command line utalitiy, now available as an AppImage ! This nice for users like me who upgrade their Fedora yearly not 6 monthly .....

AppImage is available from release area of QPDF on GitHub:

How to use it:
1) download up to date AppImage release,

2) cut/past AppImage to following path /home/username/.local/bin

3) right click AppImage then select properties then permission & check allow to run file as program,

4) for ease of use change name (including extention .AppImage to be just qpdf.ai). Please notice that AppImage did not need or ask for extention so even if you delete ".AppImage" extention it will continue working as before !

5) now open your terminal & use qpdf AppImage in same way as installed QPDF but instead typing qpdf [option], type qpdf.ai [option], like:

qpdf.ai --version

it should show you version number of QPDF as AppImage

while if you type:

qpdf --version

then it will show you version number of installed QPDF.

Enjoy now new power of QPDF without need to upgrading your Fedora !