Fedora 27 installation partitioning-destination problem
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    Fedora 27 installation partitioning-destination problem

    Hello, i am a user, and am not a professional guru of Linux. this is why i would appreciate detailed explanation to solve my installation problem of Fedora 27.

    in the past i had a dual boot Windows 7 (64-bit) and Fedora 22 in my laptop - all installation worked well and Fedora 22 worked well too. recently, from Windows 7, i deleted Fedora 22 paritions, and also i deleted the items from BIOS Startup menu: Windows Boot Manager, and Fedora, and ALT Linux, using LiveCD of Fedora 27, where i issued the following commands in the Terminal:
    1) sudo efibootmgr (to get a list of EFI list in BIOS Startup menu),
    2) sudo efibootmgr --botnum **** --delete-bootnum (where **** is a hex-number from the previous step).
    after those steps, Windows 7 is booted from the Hard drive, and it works normally.
    now, in the BIOS Startup menu i have:
    1. ATAPI CD1 ... DVD-RW ...
    2. ATA HDD0 WDC ...

    now, i tried to install Fedora 27, and had the installation problem - when i boot my laptop from Fedora 27 Live DVD, and am coming to the point when i have to choose "Installation destination" - i choosed this menu item ("Installation destination"), and then, as a next step, i choosed "Custom installation", and then pressed the button "Done". in the next window menu - New Fedora 27 Installation - i choosed and pressed "Click here to create them automaticlay", and "New mount points will use the following partitiong scheme: LVM".
    then i pressed the buton "Done", and ... had an Error-message in the bootom of the screen: "Automatic partitiong failed", where (in the message) i clicked the line "click here for the details", and recieved a message: "No valid boot loader target device found. For UEFI installation you must include an EFI System Partition on a GPT-formatted disk, mounted at /boot/efi".

    i tried to create Linux partitions manually (actually, i have more than 200Gb free space available):
    /home - 150 GB
    /boot/efi - 2Gb
    /var - 2Gb
    / - 50 Gb
    /boot - 2Gb
    swap - 4Gb
    where in this menu (slightly in the bottom), i also had
    ntfs - ...Gb
    ntfs - ...Gb
    exfat - ...Gb
    but this method did not help either - when i pressed the button "Done", the partition table was not created, and the installation process stops at this step, and asks to modify installation destination, again.

    i would appreciate the professional detailed explanation - how to solve my installation problem (partitiong step - installation destination) of Fedora 27.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Fedora 27 installation partitioning-destination problem

    I choose "I will configure partitioning" and I don't use LVM partition. I also choose the advanced install. You should choose the windows /boot/efi partition for your efi partition and do not reformat it. I only create the root partition, swap and the /home partition. (you could also create /var if you want). Here is a good explanation and walk-through of the process (with illustrations): http://linuxbsdos.com/2016/12/01/dua...uefi-firmware/

    The explanation involves Fedora 25, but the process would be exactly the same for Fedora 27.
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    Re: Fedora 27 installation partitioning-destination problem

    I have a comment
    /boot/efi size is about 200 megabytes, do not need 2G
    /boot size with 1 Gig is ample.
    / with 50 gigs is very ample.
    /home with 150G is generous and OK

    Do not bother with /var as the installer program, anaconda will make it a subset of /
    If you do want /var, you should provide at least 10gigs. (for logs, certain libs, and other system file. Do not specify /var and it will work out OK.

    I actually use 135gigs for my various distributions and then I create a link to a extended /home drive. First get your system up and then I will explain what I do so that one or more Linux versions can share the one /home.
    Leslie in Montreal

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