Evolution and gmail snafu
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    Evolution and gmail snafu

    I have been using Evolution for email for a while and have 2 input accounts connected (roadrunner and gmail).

    They have been working just fine. Recently I must have done something to evolution but have no idea what happened as I did nothing new.

    Now my gmail sub-accoung has lost it's "Inbox" but I can see everything else under it.
    I can see NEW mail in "Important" and/or "All Mail" - sub-folders under the gmail folder (expandable sub-items).
    If I go online and use the web-browser to gmail -all looks normal.
    Also if I do anything in evolution (e.g. try to delete something old in a sub-folder), I get one or more sub "sub-entries" in the bottom on evolution and I can hear my disk going as evolution gets busy (top shows evolution as busy too).

    Do I have to delete this whole gmail entry in evolution, close it, and re-add it?
    I don't recall doing anything unusual to get me to this place, but somehow I am here.

    Thanks for any/all suggestions. I would prefer not to have to go back to ground 0.

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    Re: Evolution and gmail snafu

    restarted evolution, things are back

    should have tried that first

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