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    pre transaction actions?

    There is a yum-plugin-post-transaction-actions plugin that runs things after a package is updated.

    Is there one to run tasks before a package is upgraded?


    I would like to run a script that I am making to save all my virtual machine's state's, and stop them before upgrading virtualbox.
    I am making a second script to restore and start the machines that were running after upgrading virtualbox.
    I know how to create the two scripts to do both parts if anyone would find them useful I can post them.
    I have a way to do the second part using yum-plugin-post-transaction-actions.
    if I could do the first part before starting the upgrade of virtualbox nicely then I'm all set.
    I even have a way to detect if there is a virtual box upgrade waiting via "dnf list virtualbox".

    Currently thought of method Is to use an alias for dnf that I can check before running the system dnf.
    Limitation: That only works if I run as a user that has the alias.

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