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    how to remove new lines in BIOS->Startup

    Hello, i am only a user of Linux, but not professional. this is why i would appreciate detailed help (algorithm-steps, commands etc.). i have a laptop (64-bit). few years ago, i installed both Windows 7 (64-bit) and Fedora 22 in double-boot mode - everything worked fine. then i decide to upgrade to Fedora 25 - i re-installed Windows 7 using Windows 7installation disk, and installed Fedora 25. but i have encountered problems related to Internet connection - Internet could not connect to Internet provider via PPPOE. then i deleted Windows partition within Windows 7 and using a prtition utility. and then installed ALT Linux. again, my Internet connection did not work via PPPOE. then i re-installed Windows 7 and deleted (re-formated) all partions including Linux part. at present i do not have Linux, but i have Windows 7 (64-bit), where Internet works.
    when i entered BIOS and choosed Startup option, i discovered that new artificial disks appaered and the Hard Drive disk disappeared. there are new option in BIOS->Startup - Windows Boot Manager, Fedora, ALT Linux ...
    what is the reason of appearance of the new options-menus in BIOS->Startup ? how i could remove and clean those options from BIOS->Startup ? that is how to clean Hard Drive (re-format or re-partition or to do something else) in order to remove "Windows Boot Manager, Fedora, and ALT Linux" lines from BIOS->Startup menu ?
    P.S.: at the moment i have Windows 7 installation disk and Fedora 27 Live DVD (i tried to use Windows 7 installation DVD and have issued commands to clean MBR, that i found in Internet, however this did not help to solve the problem - moreover, i could not install Fedora 27).
    Thank you.

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    Re: how to remove new lines in BIOS->Startup

    you can use a program called efibootmgr in a terminal window from the fedora Live DVD since what you are describing is actually UEFI firmware related.

    but be very careful which entries you remove from the list or you risk ending up with a non-booting system

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