I installed this applet on my Fedora Cinnamon 26 X64 bit:


But when I try to use it, I receive the following error: "unable to open configuration file /etc/tor/torrc"

In discription of applet they said the following:

Tor Server comes with Tor Browser ( located in <directory with .sh>/Browser/TorBrowser/Tor/tor and in applet settings you can set this path to Tor)

Here is the defect: where can I locate tor server on my Fedora ?? I tried to use applet setting to set path for tor server to:


but it did not work & I got same error message.

Any one know the exact path of Tor server ?

Note: I installed Tor as following:

sudo dnf install torbrowser-launcher

then launched Tor browser launcher & used it to install Tor. Tor browser working O.K on my system ......