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    Menubar is missing gnome-sudoku

    I have had the menubar in gnome-sudoku missing for quite a while now, at least 3 or 4 versions of Fedora. I thought it was a feature but it appears that it is just missing on my setup. I am running FC27. Does anyone know how to get the menubar back?

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    Re: Menubar is missing gnome-sudoku

    what happens if you click on the timer at top right? that's where the drop down menu icon was last time I ran gnome-sudoku. It's been a while though as I now use the KDE application instead.

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    Re: Menubar is missing gnome-sudoku

    Nope, nothing. Used all the cntl key combos withe clicking.

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    Re: Menubar is missing gnome-sudoku

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    On the problem, have you installed Gnome-tweak-tool? If so, have you gone under Windows and enabled the Titlebar Buttons: Maximize and Minimize?
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    Re: Menubar is missing gnome-sudoku

    Thanks, sadly I now have maximise and minimise buttons but still no MenuBar.

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