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    No internet connectivity after openvpn setup

    Hi all,
    Yesterday I installed openvpn on my acer e5 with fedora 27. Was working fine, getting websites with chrome and Firefox through a NordVPN server.

    All of a sudden, maybe an hour or so after openvpn install and setup, the loading circles on the tabs start turning indefinitely on both chrome and Firefox. I am using WiFi.

    The network list shows the two WiFi networks that are provided by the wireless router which I can usually connect to. The network that I am “connected” to even has a check mark next to it on the connection list, but... there is a question mark at the top right of the GUI where you usually click to open up the list, how daunting. I tried connecting to both networks with the same problem arising.

    I uninstalled openvpn with
    dnf remove openvpn
    still nada.
    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Re: No internet connectivity after openvpn setup

    A restart of the computer (duh) worked to fix the issue.

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