fedora 27 & live backups : advices request
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    Talking fedora 27, LVM & live backups : advices request


    I just installed fedora 27 and I would like to make daily backups of my root directory, excepting /home.
    I googled it and found FSArchiver, which seems able to perform live backups, but to do this it requires some LVM partitions.
    But I tried the statement "cat /etc/fstab" and saw my partitions are physical.

    Now either I try to save my datas without being sure of their consistency (is it sure?) or I try to transform is into LVM.
    Is there a simpler way than install again fedora on my disks? I made some changes to fedora I don't want to loose.
    Or is there an other way to perform a live backup than using LVM partitions?

    thank you
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    Re: fedora 27 & live backups : advices request

    You can easily use rsync to backup your root. If you want to do this automatically just use chron. Here is the rsync command to do the job:
    sudo rsync --info=progress2  --delete -aAXHv --exclude={"/dev/*","/home/*","/mnt/*","/media/*","/proc/*","/run/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/lost+found"} / /path/to/your/backup/drive
    If you want to eventually backup data on your /home partition, use the following command:
    sudo rsync -a --delete /directory/to/backup/  /path/to/backup/drive/directory
    After up-grading system with dnf, be sure to restart before backing up your root partition.

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