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    fc28 beta install

    Update 24feb2018

    initially tried to run dnf upgrade on the day of the install but nothing.

    dnf upgrade ran a few days ago and now have my missing libraries.

    I have some source that I need to compile and test but except for
    rpmfusion looks ready to go for me.

    just installed this beta, no obvious problems during the install


    Afterwards, I installed various fedora packages and there were
    two packages with missing dependencies.

    gnuradio libboost
    viking libgps
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    Re: fc28 beta install

    I have similar experience. I started with Fedora rawhide in January, when there was a strict limitation of available software. The major problem at that time was with anaconda crashing. For a while, it was not possible to install Rawhide from scratch.
    I am using Gnome Rawhide about 2-3 hours per week. However, I have also taken a strong strong liking to KDE. KDE has won me over. I like it's configurability, and that programs do not crash. KDE looks like many thoughts went into the Plasma version. I have online help, and good configuration options. I have not installed Rawhide KDE, but intend to do so in March. (I am enjoying KDE 27 and KDE from SUSE Tumbleweed. Both are the same.. Fedora is pure ext4 file system, and Tumbleweed is using btrfs for root and xfs for home.
    I actually, limit my experiments with Grub based distributions. While this forum is about Fedora, my numero uno favourite. I should point out that GNOME on Tumbleweed is the same as Gnome on Fedora 27, and ditto for KDE.
    For the desktop users perhaps fedoraforum should have a gnome forum and a kde forum section.
    Leslie in Montreal

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