Hey guys, as the title already implies I've got a problem with the livna repo.
I installed the repo some time ago and it worked perfectly (installed libdvdcss and libdvdcss-devel). Since yesterday, dnf says there's an update for these packages (I've got version 1.4.0-1.fc24 installed (that's the right one up until now even for Fedora 27 which I'm using, despite the package saying fc24)) to version 1.4.1-1.fc27 (seems they've rebuilt it). Dnf downloaded the packages, and while installing it asks me to import a gpg key, which I accept. Now even though it says that it imported the key succesfully, dnf prints out that that importing didn't help because there isn't a public key for the livna repo installed, even though I checked and confirmed the existence of the key in /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-livna (if I didn't have the key all this time I would've had problems a lot sooner =)).
Does anybody know what's happening here? Thanks in advance!!