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    LibreOffice now available as AppImage !


    Good news ! Now LibreOffice available as AppImage ! Please see following link:

    Now, you can enjoy latest version of LO regardless what available in Fedora repositories !

    Moreover, no confliction between default installed LO from Fedora repositories & AppImage LO because later has independent cache directory .....
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    Re: LibreOffice now available as AppImage !

    I am using LO 6.0 on Fedora 27.

    This is what I did to upgrade.

    I went to the download site for LibreOffice, and downloaded the rpm(s)
    I ran a sudo dnf remove libreoffice getting rid of the 5.x version
    and followed up by

    dnf install ./Libreoffice*rpm

    Simple and integrated into the menus for KDE and Gnome
    Leslie in Montreal

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