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    Linux-OSX Shared photo library in NAS server

    not sure whether this is the correct place to ask this. Apologies if it is not

    Has anyone experience in a shared photo library between Linux and OSX in a NAS server?

    I'm a bit tired of synching pictures and making manual backups in the 5 computers (Fedora, Ubuntu, Manjaro, Mint and OSX) at home and am thinking in having a NAS server to sort out shared files and backup issues both at once.

    But I'm not too familiar with using OSX (my wife's laptop) so am wondering if the photo library in her macbook would work fine reading the raw pictures from directories in the nas server?

    I'm sure the Linux side I'll be fine, as long as I can reach a directory with the jpges, it will be ok. But not sure how that would go from the max side...

    toca pra cima!

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    Re: Linux-OSX Shared photo library in NAS server

    Well, I simply use a RPi running Raspbian as a file server over scp for all my home machines. Using a SSH daemon is secure, easy to use and cross platform.

    Even Win10 now has OpenSSH:
    Have fun!

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