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    Question How to install HP printer on Fedora Linux?


    I am looking at getting an printer, HP seem to have a pretty solid support for Linux so that's what I'm leaning towards.
    However I am still a bit unsure on exactly how the installation/setup of a printer should be performed. If anyone knows this, or could provide some pointers I would really appreciate that.

    On HP's site there is an install guide describing one installation method. But I suspect that this method isn't ideal?
    It's more recommended to install by using the packages in the fedora repo? Is there any good guide for installation/setup of a HP printer?

    What about HP's binary plugin? I will need it, will installation/setup through the fedora repo include this?

    Is anyone here using a HP printer with the latest versions of Fedora (26 and 27)?
    How are transitions to a newer version of Fedora? From the information on HP's site it seems like their support lags by a few months after a release of a new version of Fedora.

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    Re: How to install HP printer on Fedora Linux?

    HPLIP upstream tracking by Fedora is actually very good as the Fedora developers compile their own set of hplip packages from github source. When Fedora transitions from one version to the next e.g. F27 to F28 sometimes you will get a mixture of packages to start with from one release to the next but they will continue to work. the current Fedora 27 and Rawhide builds are already at 3.17.11 despite the HP site's out of date OS support information.

    I have an HP OfficeJet Pro K5400dtn printer and never had any issues with it from one release to the next. It is connected over LAN though and not USB. That in itself shouldn't matter though.

    You'd install the hplip-gui package from the Fedora repositories to setup the printer properly (with standard hplip and CUPS it would work but the hplip-gui package brings in the extra controls you'd see in the Windows drivers) rather than HP's website and if necessary add the plugin package afterwards from the HP website for USB support depending on the model.

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    Re: How to install HP printer on Fedora Linux?

    I use a number of HP printers - all over wifi on the same next work (1 upstairs - 1 downstairs and 1 in my masters chamber)

    HP support is indeed excellent on linux (not exclusively Fedora)

    If your device is an AIO and you use scanning facilities you can install something like Xsane or gscan2pdf in advance of installing your printer to ensure no further faffing is required after you install the printer with hp-setup.

    By far the quickest and simplest method to connect your wifi enabled printer is thus:

    1) Install hp-gui package from Fedora repos
    2) Connect wifi enabled printer to network USING THE PRINTERS MENU - make a note of the URL ( seems to be default for 1st printer)
    3) open a terminal
    sudo hp-setup
    4) Click through rest of gui setup - print test page if required
    5) Job done!

    If you did not install scanning app (though simple scan is a default Fedora app) you may need to re-run the above if you later do require scanning facilities


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    Re: How to install HP printer on Fedora Linux?

    for scanning I use "xsane" , works like a charmola.

    also, take into consideration that every once in a while , you will need to re-execute hp-setup, which "redownloads" the new version of their driver, and you will then be asked if you want to add a new Queue for that printer which already exists, so you just answer No.
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    Re: How to install HP printer on Fedora Linux?

    I'm a new install on fedora 27, and I can't get my HP printer working. First it looked ok, saw my printer in the Devices dialog, when I try printing nothing happens when I see the job in the spool in some GUI tool it says "stopped" looking around I see an error about "filter failed", I followed some troubleshooting for this error and finally downloaded ( ) and ran it. When I run it it says it isn't tested with fedora 27 and will try with fedora 26 settings, and when it gets to the part where it is supposed to download the plugin, it fails with:

    error: Found No Section in /tmp/tmp7S2vXx. Please set the http proxy for root and try again.
    error: file does not match its checksum. File may have been corrupted or altered

    I am not using a proxy so not sure about the first part, I am assuming there is no file fetched at all. I checked the .run file I downloaded and it is mostly binary and the word "checksum" does not appear it so I am really not sure what to do now. Did I just run into a bad day on the server where this plugin lives and this script normally works?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Re: How to install HP printer on Fedora Linux?

    I think I figured out what is going on, I used strace and tried to figure out what it's trying to download and it's a sourceforge link and when I loaded it up in a browser I get this:

    Project web is currently offline pending the final migration of its data to our new datacenter.

    bad timing.

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