Hello guys,

I always run Xfce, since it exists I guess, and I have not seen the following crash until now (FC27).
Basically, if I run ktorrent, and I enable DHT, and I launch it from the Main Application Menu, and say I am downloading 20 torrents.

XFCE will hard crash overnight, always. Cursor gone. No response to keyboard or mouse. I can ssh into the PC, and reboot it (telinit 3 loses network nowadays, so I can't execute that to just kill the UI).

I have not looked deep into any logs yet, but I know even /var/log/messages stops reporting anything !
And I know that if I launch ktorrent via a terminal, using dbus-launch ktorrent , then the system will work fine forever. So this only happens if I start it from the Application Menu.

I can only take a wild guess that maybe ktorrent generates too much output for XWM to handle ?