So, upon a fresh Xfce spin reinstall today, using a 2GB old SSD card plugged into a USB card reader, I booted it, and I saw a very odd "smaller white letter" initial install menu , you know when you get asked to Start Fedora live, or test the media... I thought that was odd.

So I go into live, and then I tried installing to hard drive, and interestingly, the disk partitioning tool did not let me just create a / and a swap. It was asking me to create /boot/efi

I do have bad experiences with a separate /boot partition, which basically fills up with old kernels every time we upgrade, so I decided to go ahead, what the heck, just give it 2GB.

Finished installation, disabled selinux, dnf upgraded, installed rpmfusion+nvidia, and I went to dinner.
Only to find out my machine has rebooted itself upon returning !!!!!!!!!!! this is my new Ryzen PC, and this had never happened before.

Soooo.. I decided to investigate a bit. I rebooted, and went into the BIOS to see what boot options I get, I just wanted to get the good ol' Fedora initial boot menu from the Live stick, with the BLUE letters.

Interestingly, in the BIOS I saw 3!!! instances of the same 2GB USB stick, 2 of them said "UEFI Generic Storage Device", and the other one said "Generic Storage Device", so I made sure my BIOS used the non-UEFI one for booting.

Voilla, I was able to install perfect, saw the blue large letter initial menu, and went ahead fine without having to create the /boot/efi partition. Like I want. And so far after a few hours, the system is working perfect without any reboots.

anyone care to explain why the UEFI option ? and why it selected itself as default ?