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    Seagate "smartdrive" Technology says Hard Drive is About to go Kaput

    Well that is paraphrasing (Kaput). The hard drive is 1TB in size. The prompt is given when I boot up (Hard drive will probably fail soon, better back up data) (or similar message) into Fedora which is on that Seagate drive. I am not running windows with it, only Fedora 27. When scrolling through the standard S.M.A.R.T statistics, one field is in red with the warning message. As I toggle over this message it says "an update might resolve the issue (or similar statement)." Does not say update the firmware strangely, but a search online reveals other forums wherein, people are hearing this screaching noise or have been similarly prompted to "update" the drive.

    I go to seagate, thinking they will walk through the fix in Linux and I am dismayed they want to do the fix on windows. Any way to work around this and stay inside the linux-fedora platform?

    Other concern: It seems like there are a certain group of model numbers that can be improved by the upgrade, and I am not able to search which model numbers are good for the fix, they are offering. Any help with this, much appreciated.

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