[SOLVED] /etc/security/limits.conf entires no effect !?
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    /etc/security/limits.conf entires no effect !?


    my Hard limits are 4096 and my Soft limits are 1024 at the moment.

    On Fedora 26 i had to raise that due to certain games and tweaks so i set it to 65536.
    That was all okay so far, but now i notice on thewhile at Fedora 27, that my limits are still low again, so

    whats going on here ?

    My entries in limits.conf is still there, has anyone an idea how to solve that ?

    Have a good time ^^

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    Re: /etc/security/limits.conf entires no effect !?

    Morning ppl,

    i know, limits are confusing and dry, but we run into problems with the gaming, especially under wine its a problem.
    Under the root user, the entries in limits.conf are respected but not on me as user, even if i said so inthe config.

    Actually i changed the entries again to give the values the default:

    * hard nofile 65536
    * soft nofile 65536

    help me here please, the soft limit is at 1024 and hard at 4096 for me as user and we can not run games as root, thats a red line.

    It smells buggy, please help.

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    Re: /etc/security/limits.conf entires no effect !?

    Its solved.

    For later use let me add:

    1. /etc/pam.d/su
    activate limits modul
    session required pam_limits.so

    2. /etc/systemd/system.conf
    Set value for DefaultLimitNOFILE=

    3. Offcomment all in /etc/security/limits.conf
    Do not delete that file !
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