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    Cannot install F27 on HP Omen

    Currently running Arch on it but I'm fed up with Arch's community attitude problems and I've been meaning to try Fedora for a while now...
    When I attempt to boot the live ISO, it'll sometimes get to the Live graphical environment (is it running under Wayland or Xorg?), sometimes it'll load just Wayland/Xorg but it just get a blank screen (I do see my mouse cursor though) it's as if the WM/DE didn't start at all. I tried installing from the text only installer but I don't think the text installer can deal with WiFi interfaces or it doesn't recognize mine even though it's an Intel based WiFi interface. I don't have a lot of experience with Fedora so please bear with me... Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.

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    Re: Cannot install F27 on HP Omen

    The text installer is crippled. At some point RH decided to give it some limited functionality and concentrate on pretty GUIs. This leads to the type of problem you mention, where the GUI doesn't work, but text is broken. You can create a kickstart file which is a pain if you've never done it.
    I believe there should be an option for basic VGA or something like that, where the GUI installer will work, it may be called install in basic graphics mode. I'd recommend using the workstation net install, and pick minimal install. When you're done, you'll be able to boot into a console and can hopefully figure out whatever video issue Fedora is having.

    As for Intel wifi, I usually install using ethernet, and get the wifi working afterwards. If you do choose the minimal install, afterwards you can install the iwl<card-version> firmware. (Although if you get wireless working during installation, that may be unnecessary. As I said, I always use ethernet during installation and fix it afterwards).

    I see it's one with both Intel and NVidia card. If there's a way to get it to just use the Intel card during installation, that should work. (I'm not familiar with dual video card machines, so can't really offer any practical help there, but I wonder if the dual video card is part of why you can't get a GUI during installation.

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    Re: Cannot install F27 on HP Omen

    Thanks for the reply. I actually have quite a bit of experience with kickstart, but I've never attempted to use it on UEFI systems and also never on a dual-boot setup. Also, this notebook being from HP and HP being the morons that they are (I'll never buy another HP product again), their UEFI implementation is basically broken (it only looks for efi files in microsoft directory on the EFI partition), so you have to jump through hoops to get Linux to boot on it. I'll try again with an Ethernet connection using the netinstall ISO (although on this notebook, Ethernet connectivity is done using a USB dongle, hopefully it'll be detected successfully). As for nVidia Optimus, if I hit any snags because of it, I'll blacklist nouveau from the kernel line in GRUB.

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