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    Legal Holiday in Quebec Canada 2 Jan 2018

    Today is unofficially "Hangover Recovery Day" here in Québec. It is a Provincial holiday that has worked out very well.

    Before it's introduction, people would party t'il three oclock in the morning, and by 10am the long ride home (Other cities) would begin.
    It was a day where we used to have major loss of life on 2 January.

    A few years back, the provincial government made 2 January the recovery and sleep-in day. Was it worth it?

    YES, since it's inception 10 years ago, the monthly statistics about road deaths and roads accidents are way down. Where we did have up to 20 losses of life on 2 January, that loss is down to near zero. The most grateful and appreciative beneficiary are all the families with dispersed visitors and children traveling home, and oh yes, the insurance companies.

    Its a great idea if this rule, the day after NewYears becames a universal legal holiday.

    Any other places you know of that do the same thing?
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    Leslie in Montreal

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