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    F27w install to nvme drive; drive not found

    I'm installing Fedora 27 Workstation (KDE spin) to a NVMe drive in a Dell 7720 laptop.
    The NVMe drive, with Windows 10 installed is not recognized.

    A search returns ideas on creating partitions manually, but I'd like to dual boot the windows install.

    I'm a Mint KDE refugee, I've installed every flavor of KDE I could find in the last few weeks on a different machine, and have happily chosen Fedora KDE, so I'm posting here for ideas on best practices to deal with this issue.

    I sorta thinkin to just add a ssd to the laptop, install Fedora to the ssd then doing a partition copy to NVMe and booting with SuperGrub2 on a usb key, but that solution seems to lack grace.



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    Re: F27w install to nvme drive; drive not found

    Hi, Op3Studios, Have you solved this problem? I also would like to install Fedora on my dell precision 7720. But the SSD driver is a problem.

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    Re: F27w install to nvme drive; drive not found

    hi dypang,

    doesn't look like my earlier reply got through so I'm tryin again.

    By the time I got things working I was trying Manjaro KDE, and now I'm using it.
    but as I recall (please google search), get into bios...and change the NVMe raid settings.
    this will allow linux installer to recognize NVMe.

    Also, be sure to unable updates during install....this was perhaps the critical key for success.

    good luck dypang, great laptop!


    I assume your P7720 came loaded with W10.....I finally wiped the drive and went penguin only, due to aggravations with W10.

    But I did get dual boot working.
    ASUS k8v, AMD 64 3200+, 1 gig ram, WD Raptor Sata, Viewsonic E-90.

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    Re: F27w install to nvme drive; drive not found

    Disabling the download and application of updates during install is an Ubuntu/Mint thing and doesn't apply to Fedora, all other steps make sense though

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