Iíve just managed to install Fedora 27 KDE spin in a dual boot configuration on my MacBook Air. I couldnít get 27 to install directly because of an issue with the /boot/efi partition so I installed 25 and upgraded. Iíve been investigating other distros over the last few weeks with a look to settling on a desktop install. Fedora is my first choice mostly because of RHEL/ Centos. I noticed that Kubuntu recently shipped with the 3 finger drag gesture enabled. I was delighted because itís a default macOS gesture Iíve used for years.

Is it possible to enable this in the Fedora 27 KDE spin, either directly or through the use of 3rd party code? Ideally directly, as Iíve experimented with touchegg on Kubuntu and not only was it unresponsive but also messed with the KDE defaults.

Iím wondering if itís a feature thatís making its way into a future Fedora KDE spin.