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    Re: Emergency mode save .txt - no way to list disks

    blkid, in emergency mode, just worked for me a few minutes ago (F27) - so apparently what happens in emergency mode depends on your hardware? In emergency mode, blkid shows all hard drive partitions for me, but does not show a USB drive I have plugged in all the time. In multi-user mode, blkid shows that USB drive also.

    In emergency mode, I mounted a root directory, did chroot to it, and tried lsblk - it found the command, but gave another error, "failed to access sysfs dir".

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    Re: Emergency mode save .txt - no way to list disks

    Or maybe not all "emergency modes" are equal? Some are more "complete" than others, due to whatever problem caused the emergency mode in the first place? I tested on a normally functioning system, booting into emergency mode by adding "rd.emergency" to the boot line, so maybe I'm working with a more complete emergency mode?

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    Re: Emergency mode save .txt - no way to list disks

    My Emergency mode number 1 (Fedoras stopped just working - all of them - and gets looped for longer while on some unspecified volume) wants me to CTRL-D, or see journalctl. Nothing about rdsosreport.
    My Emergency mode number 2 (can't install both on my own PC, or laptop - both are SandyBridge machines, with very picky/weaky UEFI BIOSes, personally I presume there's something wrong with NVRAMs there - regarding to UEFI boot devices, which newest Fedora can't process properly) wants me to see journalctl or rdsosreport.

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    Re: Emergency mode save .txt - no way to list disks

    blkid /dev/* is available in emergency mode. When I have to fix up a /etc/fstab, I copy fstab to /tmp
    I run blkid /dev/sd?* >>/tmp/fstab. I do the corrections or additions, and cleanup, and then copy back the updated fstab to /etc. If you are creating a new entry for a directory, don't forget to insure that the mount point actually exists.
    Example follows:
    blkid /dev/sdb* | grep Scratch >>/tmp/fstab adds the following line
    /dev/sdb8: LABEL="sdb8Scratch" UUID="167cccaf-9d48-41b8-bfe2-1120318ebcc8" TYPE="ext4" PARTLABEL="sdb8scratch" PARTUUID="96e69e16-8206-4c5c-923c-dc80028b4dc1"

    Within the /tmp/fstab I manipulate the /dev/sdb8 line as follows, adding the mount point after the UUID=

    /scratch ext4 defaults 0 0

    I also make sure that root (/) has a /scratch defined, or the reboot will fail.
    Leslie in Montreal

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    Re: Emergency mode save .txt - no way to list disks

    hey ,


    fsck /dev/mapper/fedora-home

    and reboot your system. (https://forums.fedoraforum.org/showt...emergency+mode)

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