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    KDE Plasma or Gnome 3.26

    I dual boot between the two graphical interfaces. I've been doing it since Fedora27 was released with KDE Plasma.
    For the previous 10 years, I was a diehard gnome user. Now I am not sure. Gnome simplifies the GUI interface somewhat, but KDE has a similar interface.
    Gnome needs you to do a lot in terminal mode, KDE much less so. KDE is has the dash option, with all the conveniences illustrated by Gnome. Gnome has extensions, which as afar as I have experienced, is not available within KDE.

    I am like the man with two girlfriends, and to get serious, I must choose between them. Please help me to decide.
    Leslie in Montreal

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    Re: KDE Plasma or Gnome 3.26

    Quote Originally Posted by lsatenstein
    Please help me to decide.
    Choose what suits your workflow best.
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    Re: KDE Plasma or Gnome 3.26

    not sure what you mean by dual booting between kde and gnome
    for a de I like dwm with fbpanel but right now I'm using LXDE
    gnome ... OK no gnome bashing I simply don't like it, KDE is nice but it's so heavy I just don't need all that going on so why?
    I do like xfce but every time I get it configured the way I want it, it goes flaky and starts some wiredness

    why be stuck with one, load up a bunch of them and use whatever you're in the mood for that day

    for a dm I am using kdm, I would probably use xdm if I could figure out all the settings properly
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    Re: KDE Plasma or Gnome 3.26

    I have 5 disks, of the five,

    1 for /backup, with partition for F27 xfce games collection.
    1 for daily data / work that gets backed up to /backup and to external disk
    1 Fedora28 rawhide Gnome (evaluating next releases)
    1 F27 KDE plasma, and
    1 Fedora 27 Gnome. that I use
    Occasionally I will wipe the F28rawhide and put another test system there.
    From the F27-KDE or F27-Gnome, I am mostly using Fedora in command line mode.
    For now, I am using a half day of KDE and half day of Gnome.

    Perhaps my thoughts should be, "be happy with that decision half/half day decision".
    Leslie in Montreal

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    Re: KDE Plasma or Gnome 3.26

    my $0.02, after using unix since 1986 (AT&T systemV version 3) (EDIT: and before that VAX/VMS on PDP11) and linux since it's infancy, I can successfully say that:

    1. bigger is almost never better
    2. arbitrary locking out of screen sections for whatever purpose, without the user being able to switch them off, is a bad idea.
    3. piping the entire GUI through one single bottleneck is clearly not a good idea (the gnome-shell)
    4. while (1) { var lunacy=new() }; seems to be the favorite construct of the OOP crowd -> Pretty soon a terabyte ram won't be enough to write "hello world" (mark my words !)

    1+2+3+4 above invariably result in the following solution ==> Xfce/Xorg , or LXDE/Xorg you'll sleep better....
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