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    Firefox has a TV advertisement

    Our local CNN station and our Canadian CBC station hosted a Firefox advertisement. FF is boasting that they have the fastest secure browser, and welcome users to try it for themselves.
    Leslie in Montreal

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    Re: Firefox has a TV advertisement

    I ditched FF long ago, and moved to chromium. IMO FF was getting too bloated and becoming a resource hog.
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    Re: Firefox has a TV advertisement

    In my experience the new Firefox is really fast. Seems pretty nice actually.

    Regarding the television advert, I haven't seen it yet.
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    Re: Firefox has a TV advertisement

    At first I thought this referred to that Mr. Robot thing that firefox apparently added, unasked. (I didn't see it in any install, on several systems, that I had).
    But like Glenn I've found quantum to be far faster than Firefox has been in the past. indicates that part of the speed is doing some delaying tracking requests.

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    Re: Firefox has a TV advertisement

    FF quantum is a vast improvement and arguably now just as quick as Chromium even with loads of tabs running. Before it would slow to a crawl doing that. I also like FF Focus app for Android, it's very minimal but exceedingly fast.

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