I just started using the gawk --lint option, and am finding it very useful. It really helps to tighten up your code and eliminate annoying little program glitches that may occur from time to time. It's also a great teaching tool, to learn some gawk subtleties.

It's nice to be able to do quick one-time awk code, and not have to worry about too many details, but for robust code you're going to be using for a while, --lint is great to polish the code, once you've got it mostly debugged. However, if you are doing prototyping in awk, and then converting the code to C, --lint may not be as useful.

And the gawk info documentation is great too (once you take the plunge and learn to navigate within info). Info allows quick searches, and the documentation is extensive.

I have a rexx programming background, and gawk can be used for the same kind of programming / scripting. There is much better technical support for gawk as compared to oorexx (because there are a lot more awk users than oorexx users around here.)