KUDOS to the new bluetooth setup (FC27)
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    Thumbs up KUDOS to the new bluetooth setup (FC27)

    At least in Xfce, ps -ef seems to show that it is called blueberry.

    Whoever programmed that, obviously knows ! it works so well, and does not disconnect anymore randomly, and when I leave my bluetooth keyboard alone overnight, the next morning after just one keypress (on the keyboard itself), it is connected !

    hurray ! now I can use my Airfox K20 again, which I love so much due to its size, flatness, and powerful back-lighting.
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    Re: KUDOS to the new bluetooth setup (FC27)

    Like you, I switched to blueberry and now my bluetooth works well. I had problems with bluez and I looked through the forum: antithykera recommened blueberry to someone who was having problems with bluez. It is also mentioned -- although not prominently -- in the fedoraforum.

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    Re: KUDOS to the new bluetooth setup (FC27)

    blueberry is a Linux Mint application that they made available to other distributions too.

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