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    New user - nvidia drivers

    I'm a new fedora linux user. I've been using it maybe 2 months.

    I installed Fedora 26 from DVD on my new laptop with a nvidia Geforce 960M card. I also have windows 10 so I use UEFI. I couldn't get the nouveau driver to work so I started with getting the intel onboard graphics working. I put an entry in my grub file to do that. It's been running well the past 2 months so I thought it was time to get the nvidia driver installed.

    That was harder because I had to figure out how to sign the kernel module. I made a pair of keys and ran a command to import a key and I put the key password in the UEFI window that popped up when I was first booting my computer.

    I thought my keys were all set so I ran the .run installer from the Nvidia web site. The installer asked for both my public and my private key.

    It finished without any errors so I thought the module was both installed and signed.

    When I try to turn on the module, I get this error:

    [root@localhost ~]# modprobe nvidia-drm
    modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'nvidia_drm': Required key not available

    When I try to import my public key again, it tells me it's already imported:

    [root@localhost ~]# mokutil --import pubkey.der
    SKIP: pubkey.der is already enrolled

    I kind of understand the two key system. It works like PGP email. There's a public key and a private key and one signs my module and the other opens it once it's been signed.

    I tried running the nvidia run file again but now it doesn't ask for my keys to sign the module. I don't know how to manually sign it. I tried digging around in /usr/src/kernels but the modules aren't built there. I'm not sure how to find the compiled module to re-sign it.

    So now I'm stuck...what part did I mess up and how do I fix it? I tried looking for answers but most suggest turning off secure boot in the bios which breaks my windows 10 install.

    Note: Edited to try to make what I did and the question more clear.
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