Fedora 26 on HP Z420 with nVidia K4000
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    Fedora 26 on HP Z420 with nVidia K4000

    I'm in the process of buying an HP Z420 workstation with an nVidia K4000 graphics card. I have three hard drives already available, one with Windows 10, the other two with Fedora 26. The Fedora drives use LVM, so only the boot partitions are visible straight away, the root and home partitions are under LVM.
    Will this setup work if I simply plug the drives in? What I'm most worried about is whether Fedora 26 will work with the graphics card. I don't care if I don't get the best graphics quality, but I don't want to get in a situation where I can't even see any picture from the graphics card.

    On a further note, the Linux drives have the Windows drive already configured as mount points in /etc/fstab. If the computer fails to recognise the Windows drive, will Fedora even be able to boot up if it can't find the partitions to mount? And even further, sorry this is more of a Windows question than a Linux one, will the Windows 10 installation work even though it was originally installed on a different computer?

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    Re: Fedora 26 on HP Z420 with nVidia K4000

    I doubt it would work properly if the hardware is massively different from the old system. you may need to do a new install but try it and see what happens. take a backup of any important data from both operating systems user profiles. W10 if not full retail version will not be able to activate as it will have been recorded and locked for use on the old hardware they have changed the EULA and activation system. also W10 will try to load completely the wrong drivers for the new hardware so will boot loop. with W10 you could potentially start it in safe mode to 'repair' it and fix the driver issues.

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    Re: Fedora 26 on HP Z420 with nVidia K4000

    I have now got the HP Z420 workstation. I plugged in all my three hard drives and started it up. At least Fedora works all OK now. I haven't tried Windows yet. I don't know if Fedora is taking full advantage of the new graphics card but at least I get a decent and clean picture.

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