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    Paint color matching from photos - sans smartphone

    There are smartphone apps that supposedly pick a house paint color to match a surface you point your phone camera at. (e.g. ) Are there linux programs that do the same thing for photos stored on the desktop computer?

    I'd like to try out such a program, even though there are all sorts of reasons why such programs shouldn't work ( e.g. variation in the color sensing hardware from camera to camera, variation in lighting conditions etc.)

    There are also add-on devices for phones such as: Is there a desktop computer program that works with such a device?

    (Maybe smart phones have triumphed and one must seek a program that makes a desktop computer emulate a smartphone !)

    Edit: I found this website that matches RGB data to a paint color (at the bottom of the page, use Tools Match). However, I don't recognize anything in the output that corresponds to the commonly available brands of paint in the USA.
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    Re: Paint color matching from photos - sans smartphone

    Your observation that there many reasons why this would not work very well is, I suspect, well founded.
    Colour matching across various devices is complex and difficult, so perhaps the best approach would be to use as near as possible the same set of devices.
    A suggestion: Get a set of colour charts from the paint companies and photograph them preferably with the same camera as your photos. Try to use lighting conditions that will match where the paint will be used. Then you can use your favourite program to compare the colours.

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