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    Problem installing Linux

    I have big problem installing Linux on my system. Tested it on other computer and everything works fine, but if i try to install on my computer it doesnt work. - Here are screens.
    My PC specs:
    AMD FX-8300
    MSI 970 Gaming motherboard
    Nvidia Gforce 970
    Kingston DDR3 16GB Ram.

    I tried with newest Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora 26 and im stuck in the same place.
    I have Windows 10 on my pc installed, but when i tried it on other PC it works fine and it uses Windows 10 also.
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    Re: Problem installing Linux

    try adding nomodeset to the boot command line, it may get you a bit further. also regarding the sp5100_tco error message, that can be ignored for now.

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    Re: Problem installing Linux

    Thanks, U had link before and I downloaded F26-WORK-x86_64-20171103 , at first didnt work and had same problem, switched my usb ports and usb2.0 worked. Now everything works.

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