Hi All,

The forum upgrade has been completed and we are now running vBulletin4 rather than vBulletin3. We choose to move to vB4 rather than the newer vB5 as this platform is more mature and allows for greater extendability. We are however running a modern responsive theme which brings about a number of the more modern web features that are standard in vBulletin5 which provides us with the best of both worlds.

At the moment the forum is missing almost all the plugins that we were previously running so there may be some features missing but I wanted to run the forum as close to default as possible for a few days to help with the indentification of any issues that may arise due to the upgrade. We know there are a few both with the platform and the theme but if you encouter any issues I would urge you to post on this forum about them, ideally with screenshots and what you were doing to trigger the issue as that will help us greatly.

I will keep this thread updated with both any temporary fixes to issues and a changelog of what has been added.

In Addition, if there are any features on other boards that other forums have that you feel would enhance this community please feel free to suggest it