I am installing F25 server, via nfs. Both media and repos point to nfs shares on a NAS.

Simply put, the installer gets up to the "spokes" screen. Both install media and repos are found and ok. If I change the network configuration from dhcp to a static ip, returning back to the "spokes" shows the installer searching again for the install media and repos. This hangs for a few minutes then the install fails.

The problem is that, after the network config is changed, the installer doesn't remount the media and repo mounts - which are still using the dhcp network configuration. Therefore, the installer cannot get to any install media or repos.

The only possible work-arounds, that I see, are to 1) perform the install without changing the network config until after the install is complete; or, 2) in the install config file (used to launch the installer) explicitly set the install machine network config to the static settings.

This has been a problem for several generations of previous Fedora versions.

Is this worthy of a bug report?

Any ideas/help greatly appreciated.