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    Hosting a Socks proxy for my remote client

    Hello all, I am a Linux newbie, but I've scoured the web looking for what I thought would be a relatively simple proxy setup.

    I have a fedora 25/Amahi server (at home). I also have a client that will be remote out on the internet (work). I want to funnel and encrypt all my internet traffic from my work client to home server then bounce that out of my home network gateway/modem to the web.

    All of the forums and web posts i have found talk about LOCAL clients funneling traffic through LOCAL server, or setting up a client to talk to a pay service.

    I just want to host my own (SOCKS5) proxy server on my own home server. Please help me set up my server to accomplish this task!

    Please assume I don't know diddly squat, so the more explicit any suggestions made the better.


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    Re: Hosting a Socks proxy for my remote client

    Setting up a totally open-for-all SOCKS 4 & 5 proxy at home:

    ssh -f -N -D :1080 localhost

    Make sure that your firewall/router has 1080 open/directed to your server.

    Test that it's working:
    ssh -o ProxyCommand='nc -x your_wan_ip_address:1080 %h %p' target_server -p target_port

    Making sure that all your internet traffic at work is directed to your SOCKS server may be a little harder. If you are running RedHat at work, the above ssh command may work. You may need to go through a SOCKS or http proxy at work too though.


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