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    nfs client, winblows nfs export

    Yeah I always preferred samba so I'm trying to wrap my mind around nfs.

    What I got:
    - nfs export on windows 2012 server.
    - nfs mounted through fstab on fedora 26.

    I would be happy if I could do an anonymous export if I could guarantee a default sid on new file or directory creation. Other than anonymous ie.,

    Am I at the point where I need to jump all in with kerbose and go the whole 9 miles? ie., I won't get away half-assing this one with anonymous even though I really really want to. Or am I making any sense?

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    Re: nfs client, winblows nfs export

    Have you tried running the server using Linux server? It has both samba and nfs protocol.

    Not sure how strong your authentication and network encryptions requirements are, but if you are already thinking of anonymous user, I'm presuming that strong authentication and/or network encryption is not an issue, in which case kerberos wouldn't be needed.

    NFS over Linux server would work much better than NFS on Windows server, and standard samba on Linux should service Windows clients just fine.

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