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    Thumbs down configuration hell: dhclient, dovecot, etc.

    tried to post here

    but the thread was locked without a bona fide response, foreclosing any opportunity for others to respond.

    the configuration options for certain programs that fedora depends on for vital network services are atrocious and poorly, falsely, or not at all *documented*.

    the thread to which i responded was closed for "necroposting" on a problem that has remained unredressed for seven years.

    the root problem is still current and relevant, but the documentation i am speaking about is at least seven years outdated, and needs updating.

    these problems are bad enough without the monopolization and censorship of free discussion about them.


    • please stop repeatedly resetting my forum password when i am not requesting password resets.
    • please stop closing all my threads without a good-faith effort to respond: at least leave the thread open for others to respond if you don't have anything constructive to say on the matter

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    Re: configuration hell: dhclient, dovecot, etc.

    oh, yeah. why don't i contribute?

    same old truck. wages are too low and housing is too high

    and here comes "commercial" proprietary software to the "rescue"

    what is going on? is there proprietary in-house documentation for "open-source" software which the "community" -- overruled by proprietary interests -- refuses to share?

    unfortunately proprietary software does not help matters, either.

    we already have exorbitantly priced ($700+/copy) copywritten, comprehensive, nit-picky building codes for brick-and-mortar buildings which are published on a three-year rolling release. such codes do nothing to stop shoddy and dangerous construction practices because enforcement is disretionary and at the sole judgment of greasy-palmed building inspectors.

    furthermore, because of the highly proprietary and secretive nature of such mandatory building codes, the public is unable to audit or demand reparation for faulty construction practices.

    is this to be the situation with free and open source software?
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    Re: configuration hell: dhclient, dovecot, etc.

    Point one first thread was closed with explanation, it was over 7 years old.

    Not sure about the other stuff you're mentioning. If someone said, Oh, code it yourself nyuk,nyuk, as they gain more life experience they may realize that is a silly thing to say.

    The trouble with some software is that it falls out of popularity, then there are maybe one or two people maintaining its code and documention. Dovecot's documented in lots of places, but doing nothing than maintaining it on a FreeBSD server, I don't know much about it.

    My advice if you care is to start a new thread. Anything over a few months old is unlikely to be relevant.
    With something like.

    I'm trying to get Dovcecot running. I get this error. I haven't figured out what I'm missing, and some suggestions about which logs to post might help.

    Shucks lots of commercial software has horrendous docs too. Linux has actually gotten much better in the last few years.

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