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    Project management / to-do list software


    I'm currently encountering an issue as I recently abandoned Trello ( and moved towards an open-source project manager / to-do list software.

    Until now, I have been unable to find something that'd meet my needs on Fedora (I run F26)

    I'm looking for something cute enough to be pleasant to look at hours a day, that'd allow me to manage multiple projects and related tasks at once, warn me when there are deadlines. In an ideal world, you could connect with other users to share tasks and manage your team. It'd be cross-platform because not all my colleagues have Linux.

    Yes, that is a lot to ask. If you have something in this range of capabilities, I'd be happy to spend some time with a few friends to develop it further.

    (I have searched the forums for a thread on this topic, and I have not found anything, except topics about to-do lists widgets / desktop apps ; my apologies if I missed a thread about this very topic).

    Thank you for your answers

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    Re: Project management / to-do list software

    Have fun!

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    Re: Project management / to-do list software

    Planner and Calligra Plan are both worth a look and in repo

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    Re: Project management / to-do list software

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    Re: Project management / to-do list software

    Can you elaborate about your project management requirements. In a way, a ERP system's shop floor scheduler software (with mps and mrp) could be tweaked to meet your requirements.

    A Shopfloor scheduler, can take into account manpower availability, equipment availability, supply chain impacts, tool availability, and conflicts.
    xtuple is a product
    Chuck's Love

    You can also use spreadsheets with cascading fields. I've done it, with a single sheet page dedicated to type of resource and the topsheet with the Max values integrated. You would need one spreadsheet per project.
    The columns are week numbers or day numbers, the rows the activiites by resource.

    Good Luck
    Leslie in Montreal

    Interesting web sites list

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