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    Battery Threshold

    Hi, im Running Fedor 26 on my asus Zenbook3 UX390

    when i was running windows i noticed that the battery did not charge over 98%
    so it would trickle charge between 93-98.

    I have installed TLP and powerto.

    I tried with TLP first and noticed most of everything was for thinkpads
    and i could not get close with powertop

    can anyone help me set a battery threshold.

    Thank you

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    Re: Battery Threshold

    I have an old laptop that never shows the battery as 100%, although it did when I bought it. A friend of mine who knows hardware tells me that sometimes components change their values slightly, and that this is probably all that's happened. As long as it holds enough charge to work and consistently goes up to almost 100%, don't worry about the reading.
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    Re: Battery Threshold

    Have a look at the files under /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/, you'll find max charge, current charge etc in there.

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