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    best program for creating ID cards

    hello fedoraforum.
    lately i have been looking for a program to create some business ID cards and ive been trying to do it with LibreOffice but so far the closest thing i found was for a template to do business cards
    my question is what program would you use to create an ID card for work?
    thank you all in advance
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    Re: best program for creating ID cards

    Many years ago, I bought business cards stock from Staples.

    This kind of stock comes with cards that you pop out from the surrounding heavy paper sheet. LibreOffice or MS Office had a macro that took the card front that you designed (including logo, if desired), reduced and replicated same onto each card.

    You could flip the sheet over and print on the backside of the cards. I found this option practical and relatively good for small volumes of printing.

    For larger volumes, check out staples or some local printing establishments.

    I printed on letter sheet, then checked for alignment by putting that letter sheet over the stock paper. When alignment was to my liking, I ran off a small batch or two of cards
    Leslie in Montreal

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    Re: best program for creating ID cards

    See if gLabels does what you would like to do.

    I have used it to print labels (different sizes and shapes). It might work for you for cards as well (may be).

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    Re: best program for creating ID cards

    Do you need to program the magnetic strips on the ID cards? Or are you just printing?

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