I’m trying to install fedora workstation on 2xm.2 in raid0 made with intel RST and i’m running into issues.

First one is that after creating installation usb and loading system it halts.
Another option (bit better) was to create bootable usb from fedora image, boot UEFI, and it loads the system, but after trying to “install to hdd” setup doesn’t show ssd at all.

I tried to switch off the raid too and had no luck to find ssd.

somewhere found suggestion to use mdadm --assembly --scan but this one
gave nothing too as it didn’t find anything.

All in all i’m not very experienced in linux as i’m coming from osx, but would to switch to linux instead of using windows. Can anyone guide me and share some information what steps are necessary to make this raid0 configuration visible, to be able to write fedora to disk?