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    nemo, mpv and samba

    ever since i upgraded to fedora26 (fresh install from 25), mpv has not been able to stream via my smb share.

    initially it was the RPMFusion mpv version not being compiled, but since the release that had smb complied into the build, i'm still having issues.

    i'm using the cinnamon spin, so nemo for file manager. access to the smb share is done from within a network location from within nemo (rather than fstab). from here, i simply double click the media file.
    mpv plays local files fine. it will only play smb files via commandline. seemingly no action when you try to open it from nemo.

    vlc does work fine from nemo and the smb location, so seems something specific to nemo & mpv.

    since i went with a fresh install of fedora26, it's possible i've missed some package thats required for this to work.

    anyone have any idea what i've missed?

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    Re: nemo, mpv and samba

    How do you mount the shared folders? Can you access the folder with terminal? What's the output when you try to open a file with mpv?

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    Re: nemo, mpv and samba

    sorry for the delay - been hectic here over the last few weeks.

    mount method: via nemo > file > connect to server with the smb/windows share option. remember password is ticked.
    terminal: unauthenticated fails (as expected). using credentials works (smb://userass@server/share/file.avi)
    if i run mpv via terminal, unauthenticated, then it simply complains about credentials used - which is what you'd expect. I dont know of a way to see what mpv is doing under double-click scenarios via nemo...

    like i say, worked fine on FC25, but has never worked since FC26 fresh install. its possible something on the file server was updated at the same time, but client side was the only known change at the time.

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