If the search results are correct this is the first ESP-8266 post. The device is 1"x2"x1/8 (sans header pins) and runs on 3v (or a uUSB 5v supply) and if I read it right will act as a programmable web server (hairy smoking golfball).

I saw a post on another forum - a esp-8266 chip/board and a TMP36 temp sensor and 3V mounted ... hottub, garage, livingroom, deck, furnace ... and you web-to:192.168.x.y and read the temp (or the rpm or the xyz).
see: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/...?ie=UTF8&psc=1

And the web talks about NodeMcu/Ardunio/esptool - none of which I speak. When I plug my unit in (usb) it blinks - once - and "nmcli ... list" says hey there's a ESP_B1909D there, I can connect and I'm told I'm and I can ping .1 (and .2)

BUT - lsusb = nothing, dmesg shows nothing. Another tool is Ardunio IDE which I seem to have some results (non-working) on my RasPi connected to the GPIO bus.

Google hasn't been much - ANY - help. From what I can tell the usb is really a tty serial device.

Suggestions please.