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    RHEL 7.1 using iso image

    Good day TEAM

    I'm new to this environment but have a unix background and I know you will forgive me. I need to re-install RHEL using iso image from my notebook. This is because the system cannot boot up. When I try to do re-installation to this server, it just goes into dracut mode. How can I re-install this system without going into the system or is there other means to work on this dracut to make the system to be up normally?

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    Re: RHEL 7.1 using iso image

    I am not that familiar with Red Hat, but are you using an install iso? Fedora, a bleeding-edge version of Red Hat, currently is having problems with anaconda (there are several bugs filed against Fedora 26), but I doubt that that would be the case with Red Hat which is a much more stable OS -- although Fedora can be stable for many.

    I would try to get an install iso -- in case you don't have one yet -- and reinstall Red Hat from that.

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