When I boot my Lenovo T430s laptop with a trackpoint nub that moves the mouse pointer, I perform the following actions:

dir=$(dirname $(find /sys/devices/platform/i8042 -name speed | tail -1) )
echo -n 4 > $dir/inertia
echo -n 220 > $dir/sensitivity
echo -n 128 > $dir/speed

If I shut the lid to put the laptop to sleep and reopen it, the inertia, sensitivity, and speed settings are all reset to some default values.

This is different than all previous Fedora's I've used, near as I can tell, up to and including Fedora 24. It used to just work... my settings we preserved across sleeps.

Now they are not.

I am using Fedora 26 KDE workstation, btw, and I perform dnf upgrades religiously.

Thanks.If there's a way that I can script an "awake from sleep" action, that would be helpful too.