I made a huge mistake... I was using Fedora Media writer to made a live disk on a CD-R but it had apparently already been written to. I noticed my WD Passport 1T external harddrive came up in the program, so I decided to use that. I was thinking to myself - shrink the current partition by ~4gb and create new one to install Fedora Live onto... I thought that but then for some reason didn't do it and just pointed Fedora Media Writer to it. Now everything is gone, of course. The drive no longer appears in the sidebar in Windows explorer, though plugging in promts the ding-dong noise and the 'safely remove hardware' icon appears in the bottom tray. I opened the device settings and it appeared there, with a yellow exclamation sign on the icon. I right clicked and chose something along the lines of fix/update drivers. That takes away the warning on the icon but Win Explorer still doesn't seem to see it.
I'm now on a fresh Fedora install trying to use TestDisk to find files, but having some trouble. I can only seem to make it find the current partitions (that is, the partitions made for Fedora Live).
Is it recoverable? I feel pretty confident the data should still be there somewhere; Media Writer didn't take very long and there was a few hundred gigabytes of photography and backups on it.