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    Please suggest a laser printer.

    I would like to buy a laser printer, maybe even color, whsich works both for Fedora and AirPrint.
    Could you please suggest one?
    I use F26 and Gnome Xfce, with all updates applied, on a X86_64 kernel with 4gb of DRAM and Evga Geforce 7600 GS PCI-E 256mb DDR2 video card.

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    Re: Please suggest a laser printer.

    HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw is fully supported via hplip. most of the hp printers are but you can check on the supported devices page here:


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    Re: Please suggest a laser printer.

    Yea, that printer is a throwaway, too.

    Once you run out of toner, throw it away and buy another. The toner costs more than the printer does. Last time I looked, it would cost over $400 to replace the toner cartridges.

    My suggestion... Unless you REALLY NEED a color laser, don't waste your money. The few times I have needed a good color laser print, I ran down to the local Fedex (used to be Kinkos) and got them to print it for me.

    Stick with B/W on lasers unless you really need a color laser and are willing to pay the money for toner.
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    Re: Please suggest a laser printer.

    you can get remanufactured 201X toners for 50% the price of HP originals from the likes of cartridgeworld

    also, sometimes you can pick up liquidation stock. one toner we had clearly came from a bankrupted fish mongers as the packaging stank. the cartridge itself was okay since sealed in the bag still

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    Re: Please suggest a laser printer.

    I use a brother printer HL2250DW, which was on sale at BestBuy for $100 Canadian. The toner cartridges are available for around 3 for $50 US.
    This printer can do 20 pages per minute, single sided, or about 9-10 pages per minute in duplex mode. (recto-verso). I used to do 1000 pages a month. I never had a paper jam unless I used wrinkled /creased paper. The drivers for this appear to be generic (HL2250DW). It is a great computer (small footprint). Its mainly for the home, where I might do 1000 pages per month.

    I also have a MFC color laser 9340CDW with scanner for commercial use. It's also great. The drivers are available from within the Fedora 24,25,26 distribution setups.
    Never have paper jams with either. And I use Costco paper. A4, legal and letter sizes.

    I just think Brother printers are great.
    Leslie in Montreal

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