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    Post FC26 install, mouse invisible and icons broken

    I did a fresh install of Fedora-Workstation-netinst-i386-26-1.5.iso on an ancient Dell Dimension 3000. (I need a basic file server for some webcams to store video.) The installation went fine, but after rebooting into the installed system there was no mouse icon. I discovered that the mouse itself was working by moving it around and saw the icons in the upper-right corner highlight as the invisible mouse passed over them. The down-arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen is a white square as is the cog-wheel to the left of the "Sign In" button on the login screen.

    Using the CTRL-ALT-TAB ENTER I've tried to launch applications, but the app name appears in the upper-left briefly with a white square where the rotating icon normally appears. The name disappears but the application fails to launch.

    I have been able to get into the system via the command-line (F3) and journalctl shows a lot of the following error for gnome-shell:

    Failed to allocate texture: Failed to create texture 2d due to size/format constraints

    I'm not clear how relevant that is.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem or can anyone offer hints on where to dig further?

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    Re: Post FC26 install, mouse invisible and icons broken

    Try to login on X11 and not wayland.

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    Re: Post FC26 install, mouse invisible and icons broken

    given the intended usage, GNOME 3 desktop is overkill anyway. So the fact the hardware is struggling to display the desktop, I'd suggest using a lightweight desktop environment like XFCE or even LXDE instead of Workstation's default GNOME 3

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