Hello all,

New linux user here and running xfce. Trying to suppress tty and running into issues.

Here is my custom action command : xfce4-terminal -e "gpg2 --recipient local --no-tty -e %f"

What is happening is the terminal is getting suppressed but apparently gnupg needs terminal to stay open to process. Is there anyway around this?

Also If I encrypt a folder using gnupg do files get encrypt when I I move files into the folder. Since I am doing this while logged in as my user account I cannot see if it works that way. I am aware of veracrypt and others but dont want them if I can get around it.

When I run action command : xfce4-terminal -e "gpg2 --recipient local -e %f" it encrypts the file fine but the terminal popping up and then self closing when file has been ecrypted is driving me nuts

thanks all